MASKS & PCR Tests Linked to Cancer, Sterility, Birth Defects & Developmental Disabilities!!

Is this REALLY about Health?


The masks are safe, right? The Covid testing / PCR testing is safe, right? No big deal. WRONG!! About 20 years ago, California passed “Prop 65” by the voters. It has a list of chemicals known to cause issues in four categories — cancer, sterility/reproductive harm in men and women, birth defects, and developmental disabilities i.e. physical & learning disabilities. Any chemical on the list is required by law to warn the public of the potential harm.

It is indisputable, NO masks or PCR or Covid tests are APPROVED to treat or help with Covid. The masks are classified as a medical device for Covid – but they are NOT APPROVED. The PCR tests have an emergency use authorization (UPDATE – The CDC EUA is revoked since it cannot identify Covid vs. the FLU – but they are still using it until 12/31/2021 to create the maximum manipulation.) This means they are all experimental. They all fall under the EUA Federal laws, and California has extensive Health and Safety Codes which REQUIRE fully informed consent and OPTING OUT.

So let’s see if you have been “fully informed” of the following. If not, in California we can SUE for $2,500 per day per incident. I am guessing many businesses owe us MILLIONS by now.

One day I had an intuitive hit – check the chemicals in the masks (all – surgical, cloth, N95), face shields, and the PCR tests to see if they are on the Prop 65 “warning” list. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE HAS CHEMICALS ON THE PROP 65 LIST!!

Mask or Jail – yet MASKS KILL

What does this mean? It means the SURGICAL MASKS, the CLOTH MASKS (yes – ALL OF THEM), the N95 MASKS, the FACE SHIELDS all have chemicals which can cause:

  • DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES (physical disabilities, learning disabilities)

Weird. Unless the real reason has nothing to do with health. Watch my CENSORED VIDEO about this topic HERE.

Then there are the PCR tests. The PCR tests have “special swabs”. In fact, there was a “shortage” of PCR tests due to the shortage of these “special swabs”. Now – I spent 10 years in healthcare, working for a hospital company much of that in hospitals. I have never seen “special swabs”. I have talked to many nurses & doctors working in hospitals today — they have never seen “special swabs” either. So what is with these swabs?

They are treated with Ethylene Oxide. Ethylene Oxide is guess what? LINKED TO CANCER!! So they are sticking a “special swab” up high into your sinus cavity at the blood-brain barrier, which is treated with a cancer causing agent!! Haven’t you wondered why if Covid is so contagious the entire world needs to wear a mask — they need to reach almost into your BRAIN to see if you have it? Weird. Unless the real reason has nothing to do with health.

Whether you are in California or not, you can use this information. In California, you can and SHOULD be suing over this. By the way attorneys – you can get attorney’s fees!! If you are outside California, the list is public record. You can use it to PROVE the MASKS and PCR tests are not only an experiment but a DANGEROUS AND DEADLY ONE.

There are no approved masks, face shields or tests for Covid. They are all an EXPERIMENT. You have the legal right to OPT OUT under Federal law, California law, and the Nuremberg Code. Enough is enough. Stop complying. We will never get our freedoms back unless we take them back.

I would love to hear your comments and questions below. And please – tell your friends. I’m totally censored but people deserve to know this.


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