How Covid Death and Hospitalization Numbers are Grossly Exaggerated… On Purpose

How you have been fooled into thinking Coronavirus is a real Pandemic...


I’ve been promising to write this for a while. Here goes.

You have been lied to by OUR GOVERNMENT. Shocker!! The Covid hospital and death numbers in the US have been greatly exaggerated. A few days ago, Dr. Birx again said she thought the CDC numbers were off by 25%. She is right they are off – but by a lot more than that. In fact – hospitalizations and deaths may only be 6% or even less of what you are told, making Covid — and the theft of our rights and wealth as a result — the greatest #Shamdemic in history.

I am not going into the reasons for this gargantuan deceit in this post — just how it’s happening. I am also not saying there are not people dying of Covid and I am sorry for those people–just that the deaths and hospitalizations are simply not as many as you have been told… by a longshot. If the deaths are not that great – why do we care how many people test “positive”? Never mind, those numbers are exaggerated, too…

Why should you listen to me, anyway?…

I am going to warn you – some or even many of you will say what I’m sharing here is BS. You’ll accuse me of watching “Fox News”. I’ve already heard it on social media. The truth is when we feel like a fool, we don’t want to hear it. But it’s not your fault. It’s a trick of those trying to deceive you to admit only part of the truth, or change the subject – to try to keep you from discovering the whole truth. I call this intentional manipulation “The Twist” and like a game, our leaders are skilled at it and our media eats it up. I challenge you to see through it. I am relying on you to be smart and ask questions — but, you may need to know more… So, this post has a lot of boring details and links — then ask as many questions as you want! (Please, feel free to comment…)

For the record I don’t watch Fox News. I didn’t get this information from someone else — it’s from my own experience. I spent 10 years in healthcare, working for a hospital company that owned 100+ hospitals across the US and internationally. I worked in many departments – the ER, I was the manager of Cardio Pulmonary, I installed and tested hospital computers and systems–and I was the Director of IT Quality for the entire hospital company, with my own computer room.

I installed and tested these systems I’m revealing here, and every year when the Federal Register (the daily listing of Congressional decisions) published their changes, my department and therefore I worked 24/7 to test, verify and implement the changes–because our hospital received no revenue until they were in. It was an extraordinary effort, since it had such a huge financial impact to receive no revenue until everything checked out. I was there every day, and I was hands-on when these past events I’m telling you about happened.

How I first discovered the misleading Covid death numbers…

It started with me deciding to calculate the California Covid death rate, when our Governor decided to shut us down — again. It was and is heartbreaking for me watching kids suffer — especially special needs kids. The conclusion? Our total deaths were less than the flu!! We had a death rate of 0.014%, and a flu death rate of 0.018%. I could plainly see the raw Covid death numbers were less than the flu, and are listed on the California Covid website. The flu numbers are easily available on the CDC website. I know it seemed shocking our state has shut down twice at this writing for a disease that was less deadly than the flu. (Since then, we have just crept up above the flu numbers for 2018 — but NOT 2020. And that is greatly exaggerated.)

I was told I was calculating the numbers wrong. No — total deaths / total population in both cases. Apples to apples. I was told I had to calculate “mortality” not deaths. Funny – the CDC calls total flu deaths “mortality rates”. As soon as people started calculating real death numbers, THE TWIST went into action shifting the narrative. What was going on here? The truth is there has been so much hype and pain, people just simply could not accept they were lied to. Our entire lives have been shut down due to a disease that as-of this writing 99.96% of people in the US have survived.

These numbers do change daily… But, that is only the beginning as even these numbers are greatly exaggerated. If you are not prepared to be open to what I’m showing you , leave now …because it gets worse.

We have deaths every day… sadly we don’t pay attention… And most of them are more than Covid! Even with greatly exaggerated numbers…

Last year in the US, more than 2.8 million people died. The current population of the United States is 331,065,797 as of July 13, 2020. Our yearly US death rate percentage from all causes is 0.84% of our population dying every year. This is over 7,671 deaths per day. At 134,804 Covid deaths listed (and as you will soon see, exaggerated)–Covid deaths are nowhere near our average daily deaths.

The number one killer in the US is heart disease – which is 10x the exaggerated Covid numbers. People will say “it’s not contagious”. Does it matter how contagious Covid is if very few people are actually dying of it? Think about that. I am sad for those who have died– yet people die every day.

The net effect of all these restrictions is people have died from suicide, become addicted to drugs and alcohol, and gained an average of 16 lbs. which takes years off your life and contributes to heart disease. There was a 1,000% increase in emotional distress calls to the Federal hotline by April. We are at a net loss with more lives lost from our Covid response, than saved from Covid.

To understand how the COVID numbers have been manipulated by our US government, you need to understand how hospitals are paid.

Back in the early 1980’s, Medicare (the medical insurance for people on Social Security) started paying hospitals a flat price by diagnosis. Now, most if not all government insurances pay this way–including Medicaid and related programs, and Tri-care for retired Vets/VA and their families. A diagnosis is the suspected or ultimately confirmed reason for your hospitalization. It’s important to understand when you are admitted to the hospital–the diagnosis is SUSPECTED but rarely immediately confirmed. This suspected diagnosis is called “R/O” or “Rule Out”. Then, tests are run to confirm what is really going on. An admitting diagnosis is literally a hypothesis doctors try to prove or disprove.

If you have a suspected heart attack, your admitting diagnosis will be “R/O Myocardial Infarction” (the medical name for a heart attack.) Then, the various conditions the doctors may also suspect are documented on your chart or medical record. These conditions all contribute ICD-9/ICD-10 codes or a diagnosis code. (The US is presently only using ICD-10 codes for mortality or death.) The hospital is paid on the basis of these conditions or “diagnoses”.

By the same token – if you are admitted for anything, and also have symptoms of Covid – you will also have an admitting diagnosis of “R/O Covid-19”. You may also have other admitting diagnoses, depending on what is going on. This does NOT mean you have Covid, or the entire reason for your hospitalization is Covid-19.

Admitting diagnosis of Covid with a car accident

Back to how the payments are calculated…

So, back to the payments. This payment method by diagnosis is called “DRG’s” – Diagnosis Related Groupings. The individual diagnosis codes are called “ICD-9/10 Codes“. A DRG is one or more ICD-9/10 codes, grouped together into one price. A heart attack for example was paid $10,000. (Not real numbers – I’m not sure what the price was back then…)

Continuing with our Heart Attack example — let’s say you had a sore knee when you came in with a Heart Attack. You would have one diagnosis for knee pain, and another diagnosis for your heart attack. You may have procedures and tests for both suspected diagnosis. But, regardless of how many tests and procedures — the hospital will get paid a flat fee for that diagnosis combination AKA DRG. The intent was to cap costs, and stop hospitals from doing extra tests to bill for them.

Under the old system, your doctor would decide what he thought your diagnoses are, and the tests needed to come to an accurate conclusion and treatment. Under the new system – insurance companies were not (yet) running the show – but certainly a doctor that ordered a lot of tests had pressure on them by the hospital not to do so, since the hospital was paid the same, regardless. Doctors also had pressure to do different or substitute tests. Some doctors are just better at identifying the right balance of diagnostic tests than others, they are human. Today, hospitals may even incentivize running certain tests — for example, Covid. Although as you will see — it is not even necessary to do a Covid test to call a hospitalization or death “Covid”.

But, hospitals did not have good cost accounting to know what each treatment cost in the early 80’s. They had no idea how much it cost to treat a heart attack, a sore knee, Pneumonia, or whatever. The government had just guessed at prices per diagnosis for their initial payment amounts. The hospitals had no basis to argue, and their prices were all over the board back then. For a typical hospital, 65% of their patients were Medicare patients. The government underestimated payments, and hospitals started losing a lot of money. To counter this — hospitals developed computer systems to identify the “best” or in reality the most expensive diagnoses (DRG’s), to maximize their payments. These computer programs are commonly called “Groupers”.

An entire profession was born–the people who identify the ICD-9/10 Codes and DRG’s for that patient, called “Coders”. Coders would go through the patient’s chart, identifying and listing all the possible ICD-9/10 codes and highlighting the highest paid ones if there were multiple ways to classify a diagnosis. Their one and only job is to maximize payments for the hospital — whether they realize it or not. I have had some of them argue with me…I guess they don’t even know why they exist!! But I do — I was there.

Now here is where it gets really interesting…

Once the Coder identifies the list of ICD-9/10 codes involved with the patient–which includes suspected diagnoses the patient was tested for, regardless of outcome–that is regardless of whether or not they were confirmed to have that diagnosis at the end including Covid–they are arranged in order by the software for maximum payment. This puts the most expensive DRG first.

And guess which DRG’s are paying the most right now? You guessed it — COVID. This automatically puts the Covid diagnosis first under many circumstances–regardless of the real cause of hospitalization or death. This is why you see deaths “with Covid” not “of Covid”. In fact, under this system it is possible for a patient who did not end up having Covid to be listed with a Covid DRG–just because the patient had been suspected of Covid.

The CDC has been encouraging THE TWIST, by issuing guidelines that anyone suspected of Covid should be listed as having Covid — even if Covid is never confirmed. Note the guidelines DO NOT state Covid must be confirmed with testing. This has been legally allowed the entire time. Conveniently, the CDC who distributes the Covid tests also had a test shortage — so this was used to justify not confirming Covid with testing.

This is from the April 3, 2020 CDC guidance on Covid death reporting – link above
This is from the current as-of 7/12/2020 CDC Covid death list and categorization guidelines, link above

Our Goverment incented hospitals to look for those “Covid Deaths and Hospitalizations”… So they started exaggerating the numbers…

At the same time, many hospitals were told they had to limit elective procedures to stop the spread of Covid and save their hospital capacity — squeezing their revenue streams, and putting financial pressure on many hospitals. Those orders created more of an incentive to try to maximize payments for the patients they are treating. You get what you reward–especially monitarily.

This explains why you are hearing these true stories:

It’s no joke–it’s really happening, using systems in place since the 1980’s.

Of course once some of these issues started getting caught (after all – there may be many people asleep, but not all…) – THE TWIST publicity machine immediately went full force. Just a couple days after Washington was caught, they reported they had really UNDER counted Covid deaths. Whatever. If you believe that I have some swamp land to sell you…

In the past, no one paid attention to the most hospitalizations… which is why it’s been easy to manipulate…

This rearranging of the diagnosis to maximize payment has literally been going on for years. But, no one was really paying much attention. People have said “If the hospitals were really committing fraud they would be caught”. But, it wasn’t really fraud per se – just using the system the government set up to their advantage. Our government has to know this is going on… At the same time, they cannot police every death.

Before Covid, and still today, the most prevalent cause of death in the US is a heart attack because it has paid more. See, when you die your heart stops or you stop breathing — these are literally the only two reasons people die, regardless of HOW their heart stops or HOW they stop breathing. So, it is not much of a stretch to have a diagnosis of heart failure. Unless foul play is suspected, or the cause of death a complete mystery, autopsies in our country are rare. So, these listed diagnoses stand.

Guess who decides Covid should be paid more? That’s right… Our Government!

Who decides what the payment amounts are for Covid and other DRG’s? Our Government. The CMS division, under the Department of Health and Human services recommends the changes, and Congress approves them. In fact when the Cares act was passed on March 27, 2020Congress retroactively added extra payments for PAST patients back to January 27, 2020, Section 3710 for anyone with a Coronavirus.

What is the most common Coronavirus? The COMMON COLD!! This means any patient who had something else wrong but also had any Coronavirus listed — including the common cold — could retroactively be reclassified as Covid, and the hospitals received more money.

The CARES Act retroactively paid hospitals for a diagnosis of “Other Coronavirus” — including Pneumonia, a death normally classified separately by the CDC, and the common cold! And they paid a LOT.

This is the actual payment schedule for retroactive reclassification of Covid patients implemented with the CARES Act.

In fact – even HIV patients with Sepsis and pregnant women with a cold or bronchitis were allowed to be reclassified with Covid!

This is page two of the payment schedule, which was retroactively added in the CARES Act.

[NOTE: 7/15/2020] As-of now, President Trump moved data reporting from the CDC, a division of HSS, to HSS. Since another HHS division CMS developed the eligible diagnosis to be called “Covid” — other than the positive virus test reporting being over stated by CDC, this may not make much of a difference to data accuracy.

ALL Covid deaths are listed on CDC as “Involving Covid” not “Of Covid”…they are a guess!

Pay careful attention to the CDC death numbers. These numbers are as-of 7/10/2020, but may change when you look at the link as they are frequently updated. You can plainly see ALL Covid death numbers ONLY report deaths “Involving Covid” (see first column.) There is not a single column which states the deaths are OF COVID.

Any numbers reported before 4/3/2020 were done retroactively to after the Covid guidance came out. Again, CARES was only passed 3/27/2020. I already gave you both these links. These earlier numbers are, plainly put, a GUESS.

CDC Covid Death Rates are Not Just Covid
Here you can plainly see 1) Deaths are INVOLVING Covid, not OF Covid. There is simply no way to know how many patients died OF Covid. 2) Many of the deaths involve Pneumonia and/or the flu.

Still don’t believe me? **LOOK**

You may still not believe me. Here – look for yourself. As-of 7/4/2020, there were 119,319 Covid deaths reported by the CDC. They lag in compiling all the numbers, so I am just using the same CDC Covid Death chart, above. But, of those — 113,013 had co-morbidities!! So 94.7% (or 95% rounded up) of reported Covid deaths HAD OTHER MAJOR ILLNESSES/CONDITIONS at the same time. In other words – 94.7% of deaths as-of 7/4/2020 died WITH Covid and possibly NOT OF Covid. This means the actual deaths could be only 5.3% of what is actually being reported, or 6,306. Not nothing — but huge difference.

And, an unknown percent of these did not even have to have Covid confirmed – it could just be suspected. WOW. But this is not what the media reports. Not at all. Here is the image we see splashed in front of our face:

7/13/2020 CDC Website Covid Cases and Deaths as reported

Yet – we have used the fear of death to shut down our entire country and force people to give up their lives and even wear masks. In reality, your risk of death from Covid based on these actual numbers appears to be very low. Using today’s Covid numbers — 134,884 (they will differ when you look at the live link I included) and today’s total population of 331,065,797 — which is 0.04%. Yes – that’s right. Well under 1%. This is the same as two weeks ago when I first calculated it. This means your chance of surviving right now from Covid is 99.96% in the US. AND THIS IS USING THE GREATLY EXAGGERATED DEATH NUMBERS.

When we adjust for the co-morbidity exaggeration — the current Covid mortality rate is 0.002% or 7,149 at the most as-of 7/13/2020.

Look at what is really being classified as a Covid death…

Let’s examine some of these, shall we — just in case you still believe this is possibly not legit. Looking at the chart above:

  • Line 3 – flu and pneumonia, normally reported separately and 2 of our common leading causes of death. 47,050 of these were classified as Covid. That is nearing our normal totals for the flu.
  • Line 4-8 – These are chronic respiratory diseases, like COPD – another common cause of death. This is 69,947 of the listed Covid deaths.
  • Line 9-13 – These are all various forms of heart disease, including a heart attack. So, heart attacks are literally being listed as Covid deaths! This is more than 65,124 of all deaths listed as Covid.
  • Line 14-15 – Cerebrovascular / circulatory. Strokes and related blood clots which cause strokes. Strokes are one of the leading causes of death for the elderly. 11,245 classified as Covid.
  • Line 16 – Sepsis, this is commonly called blood poisoning. It is an infection in your body, such as a cut, which gets infected and spreads to your blood. 9,381 of these.
  • Line 17 – Malignant neoplasm. This is cancer. So, 5,073 cancer deaths were classified as Covid deaths.
  • Line 18 – Diabetes. Diabetes causes complications of all kinds. Almost 17,000 diabetes deaths were classified as Covid deaths.
  • Line 19 – Obesity. Obesity once again leads to other health complications, many already listed here. Namely – heart and respiratory failure. More than 3,000 deaths were listed as Covid.
  • Line 20-21 – Alzheimer/dementia. Are you kidding me? There were 17,286 dementia deaths classified as Covid. Ahem.
  • Line 22 – Renal failure. This is kidney failure. More than 9,000 deaths from Kidney Failure were listed as Covid.
  • Line 23 – Did you catch this one? INJURY and POISONING counted as Covid deaths. Um, not kidding. 3,177 of these.
  • Line 24 – This is basically “other”. 53,115 of these.

Even though some categories may be duplicated due to multiple diagnosis — are you starting to see just how ridiculous this is? This is not brain surgery–Covid deaths are plainly being miscategorized. These people may have had Covid — but most of them did NOT die of it.

[Update 7/15/2020[ People have asked me to translate this more. Using these numbers – this is possibly 6,306 or less total US patients as-of the 7/5/2020 data. Using the 7/13/2020 total reported deaths of 134,884 times the remaining non-comorbidity % of 94.7% — that means we could have as few as 7,149 or even less across the US. That is LESS THAN THE AVERAGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO DIE EVERY DAY IN THE US!!

But, this is just the US … right? NO!

Not at all, thanks to WHO. On April 20, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) published the international Covid ICD10 Codes — along with instructions deaths can be categorized Covid, whether they are confirmed or just suspected. Sure they are supposed to be separated — but who is verifying that? I have no idea. Have you seen them separated? (If so, please comment I will look…) All I see are “death rates” by country.

These numbers for other countries who have followed the WHO guidelines include people who are not confirmed to even have Covid – let alone die from it.

WHO Covid death guidance does not have to be confirmed just suspected
WHO Covid death guidance — Covid does not have to be confirmed just suspected

Honestly I’m not sure how long the WHO has been involved in creating or giving guidance on diagnosis codes. That may have been after my time… I also don’t know if other countries are paying based on diagnosis like the US does. But it’s clear that the WHO guidance to all countries is Covid DOES NOT have to be confirmed to be listed as Covid.

Gates is the largest contributor to the World Health Organization WHO
Bill Gates was the biggest contributor to the WHO even before the US pulled out… at 20.3%

The biggest contributor to the WHO is Bill Gates. He contributes directly via his Gates Foundation, and he contributes indirectly by GAVI the vaccine alliance he set up with $750 million. Contributions between those two organizations total 20.3% — whereas the US, normally listed as the top contributor, only contributed 15.18% before Trump pulled us out of the WHO. It is no secret Gates is all about vaccinating the world. It is clear the mission of the WHO is vaccines. Does that have anything to do with plainly exaggerating the COVID data?

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates founded and funded GAVI – the Global Vaccine Initiative

Update 7/15/2020: Interestingly I decided to look at the WHO funding page again. I found contributions from the CDC, & NIH. Why are these agencies contributing to WHO separately from the US? I found 8.41% contributions from the United Nations (tons of little contributions spread out, so they are easy to miss), along with the Rockefeller Foundation, and the World Bank. Those “world” contributions total 11.98%. Considering the levels of other contributions — this is significant and second only to the Gates Foundation. The Clinton Foundation also contributes. If there is a “world” agenda, this points to the possibility.

Pharmaceutical / vaccine companies Gilead, Glaxo Smith Klein, Sanofi, Merck, Novatis, and Bayer are also contributors. Also interestingly the US, GATES, and GAVI amounts were less today. Hmm… two days later. Still, Gates contributions total 18% today — clearly the largest contributor by far. So, it’s conceivable the contributors have an agenda, the WHO carries it out, which skews the data a certain way to make this “Pandemic” appear much worse than it is. (Or even make it appear like a Pandemic.) Clearly, the actual data does not support the death claims — and therefore the shutdowns, masks or vaccines. One of the books Bill Gates has touted is called “How to lie with statistics.”

He who controls the data, controls the world.

So what are the likely actual Covid numbers?

It’s hard telling–and that is the problem. According to Los Angeles, one of the few places reporting such data and the most Covid “deaths” and “cases” in California — the “co-morbidity” of Covid-19 with other conditions is 94%. The calculations above show 94.7% for the US as-of 7/4/2020. This means using the information I’ve explained here about multiple diagnosis — potentially 94.7% of patients listed as due to Covid did NOT die or get hospitalized due to Covid at all. They died or got hospitalized with Covid–but likely died of something else, or were hospitalized for another reason.

Even the CDC death charts above show many more Covid numbers co-existing with Pneumonia or the flu than “with Covid” by itself.

There are the statements by the Health officer in Illinois–who honestly and plainly stated if you die WITH COVID it is being counted as OF COVID.

Illinois admits patients are listed as Covid deaths who die WITH Covid not OF Covid…

One of my long-time friends (of 43 years) originally was appalled I was speaking out about the wrong Covid numbers on Facebook. After all, he had a friend in the hospital who had Covid. Or, so he thought. Then he discovered his friend, who had been in a nursing home, had TWO negative Covid tests — one the day he got hospitalized. But, as soon as he went to the hospital — the Covid test came out positive. Hmm… He died of long-time kidney failure. His death was listed as Covid.

Longtime friend Dale Berg shared his true story with me of a friend wrongly classified as Covid.

People have been telling these stories over and over. In fact – when I posted this on social media I got quite a few more telling me their similar stories. Why is no one listening?

There is a systemic falsification and exaggeration of the Covid numbers…

WHO provides instructions for someone who has had Aids for five years, but Covid for a week–to list the cause of death as Covid. But if the patient did not have Aids, would they have died of Covid? If not, which is most likely — then the death should be listed as Aids not Covid! Not only that — Covid only has to be SUSPECTED under both CDC and WHO guidelines.

A true Covid death is a patient who had no other issues, got Covid — and died of Covid. Same with hospitalizations…

The WHO is telling countries to list Covid as the cause of death -- even when they have underlying chronic conditions such as Aids that likely killed them.
Even patients with chronic illness are being classified as Covid cause of death.

The truth is — we honestly have no idea how many Covid deaths or hospitalizations we have had. NONE. There has been all kinds of data manipulation going on. No question — the Covid deaths and hospitalizations are substantially less than reported.

Even with the supposed “surge”–Riverside CA hospitals who are widely reported as full, implying they are all from Covid — acknowledged just 14.2% of ICU beds are from Covid. So either they were already full–or the surge is not just from Covid. ER Doctors reported patients who waited too long to be seen due to Covid, then became more urgent. The border states are also reporting an influx of Covid positive patients from Mexico.

It is unmistakable — we have been lied to!

Now you may begin to understand why people are accusing our government of incenting an increase of Covid death numbers, and fudging the hospitalization numbers. Because — they are. This doesn’t even start to address the wrong results from the Covid testing… That is a whole other topic.

But the real question here is — does our Government know these numbers are wrong? I think they do. After so many years of DRG’s, how could they not? Certainly lawmakers are solely responsible for understanding the cause and effect of legislation they put in place, and we need to hold them accountable to that.

I know this is shocking and you may be feeling like a fool right about now. Or, perhaps you had a gut feeling it was all wrong, but just didn’t have enough information to put the pieces together. Here you go. I explained how hospitals are paid, how the system skews diagnoses, linked the entire payment scheme passed with CARES, and I provided you the retroactive pricing. After all — I am telling you that you are being lied to in a major way, so please — don’t take anyone’s word for anything including mine. If you haven’t already, it is time to ask questions.

But this situation means wrong hospitalization and death data is even more sinister, BECAUSE our Government has to know this is going on and is using it to remove our rights. Despite knowing this data is not accurate, our US and state Governments have used this number manipulation to: lie to the public, shut down our economy, shut down education, harm special needs children, remove meaningful experiences from people, force people to wear dangerous masks not proven to prevent Covid, try to create more worker bees by putting small businesses and contractors out of business, get rid of our cash, track and trace our every move, deny our rights such as travel, church, free speech — and force a potentially dangerous vaccine on billions using a short-cut testing process, despite using technology never before used on humans and which can genetically modify our DNA. (Watch this video!!)

Do you really trust our Government that much? I don’t. The only way this gets fixed is when we put our foot down. NOW. #WakeUp, comment below–and please share.



  1. I have to review all comments sorry I get a lot of spam. If you tried to comment and your comment got automatically deleted by my spam checker I apologize.

    I wanted to add this video with a comment to my post, because it completely supports what I’m saying and it’s excellent. There’s a hearing in it from Texas discussing exactly how the numbers are being fudged, along with a news report about classifying a motorcycle death as Covid.

  2. Pam, thank you for taking the time to put together such thorough information. I have a question on the ICD10 stats. I noticed that the numbers add up to way more than the number of Covid deaths. Why is that? Is that because one person may have several of the codes? Like, obesity, heart failure, sepsis, and Covid symptoms, all at the same time?

    • Hi Ryan –
      That’s correct. The hospitals are allowed to mark a death as Covid even if it’s the third diagnosis. Then the software reorganizes it.

      For example, if somebody came in with a heart attack, they may also be marked with hypertension. Those would both be categorized under the heart category in my article.

      If they were then suspected of having Covid—perhaps they have a sore throat, or perhaps they just wanted to test them for Covid even without any symptoms —. that would then be the third diagnosis.

      Even though the person may have died in the emergency room of the heart attack, they would end up being marked as a Covid death.

      If you watch the video I put in my first comment it’s very insightful. It’s actually a health department in Texas discussing why a motorcycle death is actually from Covid. Because …you know …maybe they were disoriented on their motorcycle and that made them crash!!! It’s completely nonsensical.

      Like I said normally I don’t think most of us would be paying attention, if this information weren’t being used to make us then be concerned about positive Covid cases (a number which is also being manipulated, I’ll write about that), and therefore shutting down our economy, schools, meaningful experiences, increasing suicides, increasing addiction, harming special needs children… and so forth.

  3. This video covers:
    – People testing positive who never had a Covid test
    – Florida labs reporting 100% Covid positives
    – Fauci’s backpedaling no masks
    – A doctor stating how he was given CDC guidelines to classify things as Covid deaths that were not really Covid deaths.
    – Anthony Fauci stating that if someone died from a heart attack they would be classified as Covid.

  4. Thank you Pam: This was a lot to digest. I am sure I will have to read it several times to be able to get all you are saying.
    You wrote: “But the real question here is — does our Government know these numbers are wrong? I think they do. After so many years of DRG’s, how could they not?” I wonder about what our leaders really know.
    In 2008 we had an economic crisis. Our leader felt everyone should be able to buy a home without common sense qualifications; Cashing out was made easier so people could have money for “things”; Loans were packaged into consolidated backed securities (derivatives) and many of the big banking companies couldn’t get enough of them. When mortgages could not be paid on time and home values dropped many economies were in trouble. A ton of smart people should have seen this and taken a conservative investment route. There may be a lot of people high up who really don’t get what you are talking about. They need to be told again and again. Thank You

    • Sorry for the delay on this comment. John funny you should say that — since my journey understanding how our government really works was via suing a bank for fraud and a wrongful foreclosure. (Ragland v US Bank). I won.

      Did our government know? YES THEY DID. In fact, in the first National Mortgage Settlement, Obama and Eric Holder gave the banks criminal immunity for 20 versions of the “Linda Green” signature. This was the name the bank forgery center DocX signed, to create counterfeit loan documents–including assignments and deeds of trust–to steal millions of homes. The CEO went to Federal Prison for five years, and the banks got off scott free condoned by our President and his Attorney General.

      So did our government know? Sadly, yes. And who was Vice President? BIDEN.

    • Well on the banking note I have 20 years experience fighting banks-first US Bank (I won) now Wells Fargo (still winning). The government was totally in on it and condoning it.

      Clinton signed the law reversal that started it.

      Bush put no controls on the banks.

      Obama (and Biden) and Eric Holder knew the banks had a forgery center to steal people’s homes with forged loan documents “DocX” in Georgia.

      The 2000 bank heist was a land grab to sell our homes to the Chinese and raise the home prices so Americans cannot afford them. That was a government sponsored land grab.

      Now Blackrock is buying homes 20-50% over market. What they want to do is drive the prices up so Americans can’t afford homes, have to be renters, drive the rental prices up then give people their “universal basic income” to control people. Once the government takes care of you it’s harder to fight them.


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