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In a confusing world full of lies...

Truth or Lie
Truth or Lie how do I know?

Recently I have gotten all kinds of comments, after writing based on my 10 year’s experience in Healthcare, about how the Covid Deaths and hospitalization numbers are being exaggerated. They are. I have gotten comments both positive and negative. This post is for the “haters”. This post is for those who aren’t sure what’s true. It raises a great question — in this age of misinformation, how do you know what to believe?

I wondered why haters were so mad at me for telling the truth. Were they hoping to use the Covid lies as a political statement? Were they mad at themselves for buying the lies? I started with, what does hoping this is all true say about you? What if I’m right? (I am.) I asked these haters if: You would prefer to have small businesses put out of business, harm special needs children, harm all children by losing education, cause people to commit suicide, cause people to get addicted (or more addicted), harm our healthcare system, shift wealth from millions to the wealthiest, allow the banks to run amuck again (Wells Fargo is back at their fraud since their asset cap was removed to give PPP loans!) and so much more… all for a lie? If so, what does that say about you? What I realized is there are many people who just genuinely cannot decipher the truth from a lie.

For those of you on the fence, how do you know what is right? For all of you — I hope this post provides more clarity into how to know what to believe. If you really want to know, read on…

The machine tries to manipulate you. There are whole courses on it. Fields of study. Consultants. It’s all about the spin. In my reporting posts I intentionally provide links and screen shots so you can verify information I report yourself. I realize most people don’t do that, but I do. If you have not looked under the covers of what you are being told, and are just taking things at face value — then you don’t want the truth. Once you have, you will no longer claim or wonder if I or others are wrong — you will know the truth. Think of all the conflict happening, because people don’t know what to believe. But you can!!

Here is an example. CBS news printed this story about Texas and Arizona bringing in refrigerated trucks in July to supposedly deal with Covid deaths. Yet, as one viewer pointed out — the people in the picture are wearing beanies and it’s clearly winter or fall, as the trees have no leaves. How many will just believe this without even questioning it? (NOTE: The video with this story is all about New York… and the feature image has changed since CBS first posted this.) One of my actual friends posted this and I saw it with my own eyes. I can even see at least one person shared it. Since it’s not about my friend, I blacked her information out.

This situation made me realize, too many people are just listening to others to find out your own truth. Then you repeat their truth — instead of your own. So, i thought I would share my process to get to “the truth”. If you REALLY want the truth, here are some things you can do.

  1. Use your intuition. That’s right, it’s a guide we all have unique to us which never does wrong by us. Yours may be a hunch, or a gut feeling, or even an emotion. We all have it — use it. Make a note of it. Hint: If you are already criticizing this, or “thinking too much” — this is not your intuition –it’s your logical mind which has a place, but not for our guidance.
  2. Look for discrepancies. When you lie, eventually it catches up with you. Even well though out lies have a fatal flaw… Look for discrepancies and incongruities. When you find them — question!!
  3. Ask questions. Many of us are too busy to investigate, which is how we are able to be manipulated. If you want the truth — ask LOTS of questions. I ask questions all the time, it is plain from my social media posts. WHAT IF that is right? WHERE did you find that? HOW do you know? Ask, ask, ask…
  4. Be willing to be open. What if you are wrong? What if you are being lied to for an agenda? Doesn’t being that gullible tick you off? “What if?” is a great question to ask. So is WHERE and WHY and HOW.
  5. Notice what you notice. Sometimes, our intuition is a small voice compared to all our noisy logical brains and the media. In fact – if something is illogical, that is a clue it may be from your intuition. If you don’t trust yourself, just notice what you notice. Even if you don’t see it now it’s OK. Make a note of it.

We all have unique experiences for a reason. We all each and every one have a unique voice waiting to be heard. But if you are simply parroting what someone else is telling you — it’s not your voice at all, but theirs.

I have spent much of my life — more than 36 years — helping people find their voice. That does not mean I want you to have my voice, either. I want you to have YOUR voice. It may take some work — but the rewards are great!!

Try it.

If this moves you, please comment and share.

Pam Ragland


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