OC CA Vaccine Passport passed in SECRET!!!

EVERYONE should pay attention this could happen anywhere - it MUST BE STOPPED!!!


April 2021, a group of freedom advocates in Orange County CA discovered conservative OC had implemented not only a “Secret contracting system”–but a vaccine passport, under the guise of the “Covid Emergency”. The first secret contract discovered was the Composite Apps contract, supposedly to make Covid vaccine appointments for the “scarce” Covid vaccines. But – it is really a Vaccine Passport. We had discovered the secret contract…

It turns out there are at least 15 secret contracts – all but one fully funded by FEMA. Millions and millions of dollars in secret contracts that never went before the public–all to further a hidden Covid agenda, really designed to enslave us with a Vaccine Passport social credit system using our own tax money and the CARES Act to do it. We found the Composite Apps secret vaccine passport app (owned by Charles Rockafeller, branded as CuraPatient), using a database called Virtru which is funded by George Soros–a $1.2 million contract. The next contract was sitting out there for $3.8 million (even though the first one was supposed to be a flat rate.)

I heard our health director Chau say, in our 4/13/2021 Board of Supervisor’s Meeting, “OK I will tell them to put it in the App Store”. So the next day, I looked — and there it was, added to the Othena app. It has NEVER come out.

Residents were understandably up in arms over the secrecy, deception, and implementing a social credit system vaccine passport behind our backs!! Our county was up in arms. We got more than 1,000 people to our next OC Board of Supervisor’s meeting!! During the meeting our Chairman Do stopped the meeting–stating they would vote on stopping work on the passport. They did. Supposedly.

(Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Getty Images)

People with big followings declared victory. But I checked – the vaccine passport update was still in the Othena app owned by Composite Apps. I did a public records act request (PRA – CA FOIA) — the Board of Supervisors actually voted on NOTHING!! I tried to inform these people we HAD NOT WON. It fell on deaf ears.

So, I filmed this video to inform people of the truth. It’s censored, of course. Please watch, like and share it. You may have to get creative to share! But if this could happen here in conservative OC CA — this could happen anywhere.

Warmly, Pam

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