Is the Pfizer Covid Vaccine Really Approved? Or is it a TRICK?

Or illegal Bait & Switch to Force it onto the Childhood Vaccine Schedule, to Get Out Of All Liability? (Video)

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Not Approved

On 8/23/2021 as the FDA was reviewing whether to approve the Pfizer Covid “Vaccine”–almost 7,500 people had signed my two day old petition to not approve the experimental, brand new never before used in vaccines MRNA technology, which wasn’t first tested on animals (maybe because in the past 100% of the animals DIED when exposed to another coronavirus?) shot. People across the US and around the world were sitting on pins and needles, waiting to see if a rushed product with already thousands of known deaths and hundreds of thousands of reported injuries would be rushed through for political purposes.

After all – Biden was trying to mandate the Covid vaccines to the military, who was balking due to the already known dangers – and a court precedent finding the government cannot experiment on the military. Doe v. Rumsfeld, 2003. People were learning their right to refuse an experimental procedure — which includes the masks, Covid testing / PCR testing, and all presently available Covid vaccines by the way… Our NWO CCP run Biden Regime had a real problem.

So – despite no public hearing, despite no opinion from the committee tasked with evaluating safety and approval recommendations (ACIP – even though most admit this is a cursory process at best normally) – the news started reporting “The Pfizer Covid Vaccine is Approved!”. Except, it never was.

In this video, I evaluate the FDA “Approval” that really isn’t, show how Pfizer is just trying to get out of liability for deaths and injuries by setting up a new company (in my experience – and also judging by Pfizer’s past history)–and surmise Pfizer will try to force Covid Vaccines on the KIDS — JUST TO GET OUT OF LIABILITY BY FORCING THEIR VACCINES UNDER THE HIDDEN VACCINE COURT PROGRAM.

I believe the schools still trying to force masks on the kids, which have no proof they do anything (and proof they do not) — are just doing so to perpetuate the myth kids have any danger from Covid at all when they don’t.

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Pfizer Covid Vaccine NOT APPROVED – Illegal Bait & Switch – Evading Liability – Coming After THE KIDS – You have the RIGHT TO REFUSE!!!

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