Does California Really Have a Covid-19 “Vaccine” Mandate for K-12?

What Does Newsom's Covid Vaccine Mandate Proclamation Mean?


Parents, yes we should be concerned since our schools & educational system are becoming “Government Schools”–which is what happens in COMMUNISM. Yes, we must pay attention!! But no, we are NOT POWERLESS. And NO – THERE IS NOT CURRENTLY A K-12 COVID VACCINE MANDATE FOR KIDS!!

On 10/1/2021, California Governor Newsom announced he would “Direct the California Department of Public Health Services (CDPH) to add the COVID vaccines to the required vaccination schedule for kids K-12 in California.” This has set many parents up in arms, who are faced with a gut-wrenching decision. Succumb to pressure to shoot their kids full of an experimental “vaccine” (which was really an MRNA chemotherapy medicine experiment), with no long term safety data–and 79% adverse reactions in the 12-15 age group in the trials, and one in every 9 kids with a serious reaction including Myocarditis (which 66% of people die from within five years)–or find an alternative for school.

People are making their plans to leave the state or leave public schools if this happens. No doubt our dictator will try to stop that–if he could he would lock Californians in. After all, he already tried to tax people who leave the state for TEN YEARS. (Um, no–you can’t punish us for fleeing tyranny.) Sadly, despite the obvious lack of need for this “vaccine” for kids (Johns Hopkins reported NO CONFIRMED COVID DEATH IN KIDS cumulatively to 7/21/21) — I already predicted in my Pfizer video about the fake approval, they would push it on the kids. It’s the only way for Pfizer to get out of total liability for anyone who dies or is injured – and put that liability back on us, the taxpayer.

Meanwhile, one of my clients asked for my feedback on Newsom’s “vaccine proclamation”. Here is what I shared:

Newsom doesn’t have the constitutional or legal authority to mandate COVID shots for school kids--just like he never had the authority to mandate masks. After two months of the fake “mask mandate”, Newsom finally admitted he cannot make individuals do anything. Even in an emergency, Newsom can only direct DEPARTMENTS. And he cannot direct those departments to mandate what individuals do. Likewise, a Governor cannot make new laws.

First, the Covid “vaccines” must be fully approved and available for all school age ranges (or those he wants to attempt to force on innocent children.) Currently the “approved” version is not even available–so NO mandates are legal, they are all an experiment.

Here is what must happen before these Covid shots can be mandated for children. First, they must be fully approved and available. Then, the CDC must add them to the childhood schedule. (This is what Pfizer and the other manufacturers want–so they never have to have any liability. See my video on that.) But, there is a potential loophole evil Dr. Pan left in. The actual language states: “(11) Any other disease deemed appropriate by the department, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.” (CA Health and Safety Code “HSC” Section 2, 120335)

ACIP is a committee of the CDC. Please note this DOES NOT mean the CDC Director can overrule the ACIP recommendations and remain compliant with California law – like she recently did for boosters – or their recommendations must be sound. Thankfully, Del Bigtree’s organization ICAN just announced a lawsuit against Newsom to challenge the need for Covid-19 vaccines for kids – since pushing these experimental shots with already more proven harm than good is not “sound”. Again – there are NO DEATHS of Children per Johns Hopkins. Another study from the UK reported July 2021 found kids were safe from Covid the whole time.

THEN, once all this takes place – the CA Legislature must update the CA Health and Safety Codes, for the list of required CA childhood vaccines. (CA HSC § 120325) This means parents SHOULD have the opportunity to LOUDLY give feedback to our elected officials, and those few NWO extremists (Pan, Wicks, Low, Weber, Weiner, +) pushing this dangerous agenda on our innocent and precious children.

California law does not allow the Governor to bypass this process, by demanding the California Department of Public Heath (CDPH) mandate them for kids. California law also does not allow school districts, or legislators putting pressure on school boards or school districts, to bypass this legislative process as Buffy Wicks recently tried to do by directing the Berkeley School Board (also an elected body) to mandate vaccines. Hello, yes we need to fix our voter fraud — but you people REPORT TO US!!

Newsom stated “exemptions will be accepted”. All vaccines added to the schedule after 2016 are subject to medical and personal beliefs exemptions under current law, and the agreements made during SB277. As we saw with SB 277/SB 276 (again both by the evil Dr. Pan), exemptions can and have been legislated away. The NWO crew in our CA legislature is already calling these a “loophole”. Against WHAT? Keeping our kids SAFE AND HEALTHY? (Not to mention the recent disturbing videos of live nanobots AND computer parts inside these shots. Huh?)

However, we do have a constitutional right to exercise a sincerely held religious belief. I maintain this is not the same as a “personal belief”–and our children should have K-12 religious exemptions. I believe now is the time to push this issue, given multiple successful cases opposing religious discrimination during this Covid “emergency” which reached the US Supreme Court and religion WON. Once again – the NWO went too far, and helped us out!! Religious discrimination is not allowed–even in an “emergency”.

Parents who use a religious exemption will likely need to sue to enforce their rights, if the schools or state try to deny them – but these lawsuits could help change the landscape of exemptions in California. Ironically, we have the case precedents due to attempts at unconstitutional actions by our Governor to begin with. The draconian tyrannical church closures which gave us these precedents may very well backfire on our Governor and NWO extremists in our legislature in a big way. After all — if adults are entitled to religious exemptions (they are, it’s constitutional)–isn’t it discrimination if kids K-12 don’t get them? I think so. I have been so excited at this prospect, once I realized!! I’ve been sharing this idea everywhere…

California has multiple school choice options available. I did a recent workshop on this. (Sign up here to get notified of these workshops, and recordings.) The right for parents to choose their own method of schooling was recently upheld by the 9th Circuit in Brach v. Newsom (2021)–which is excellent. The court stated “…the Supreme Court has long held that ‘the right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children is a fundamental liberty interested protected by the Due Process Clause,’ and that right includes ‘the right of parents to be free from state interference with their choice of the educational forum itself.” Another Covid restriction that backfired!!

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled parents have a constitutional right to control the education and upbringing of their children. (1923, Meyer v. Nebraska; 1925, Pierce v. Society of Sisters, which held a federal law requiring parents to send their children to public schools violated their fundamental rights.) A 2000 US Supreme Court decision gave more power to the states on how to decide these cases – and thankfully our 9th Circuit has chosen wisely in this instance.

Homeschool is always an option–and California has multiple Homeschool options, so we are lucky. I know it seems daunting, but I’ll tell you after homeschooling my son for seven years (he just graduated)–I wish I had done it earlier. I am a single mom. There is a way to make this superior education work for your child — I promise!! There are other options too, such as co-ops and private education associations. Sign up for my newsletter for announcements to help you out. For many reasons, not the least of which is the indoctrination agenda — I highly recommend moving your children out of the traditional public school system immediately if you can.

Meanwhile — it would be wise for parents to begin fostering relationships with other like-minded families, in the event a quick exit from the traditional school setting becomes necessary to save your kids.

Thank you to Cristie at Bay Area Freedom Alliance for initiating this article!!!

Warmly, Pam

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  1. REALLY great article. Thank you so much. I am going to save it. Just one thing—you made a typo: it should Johns Hopkins not John Hopkins.
    Thank you so much for all of the important information. It was encouraging in these dark times.

    • Thanks for telling me about the typo!! I am working overtime to try to organize this information, now this blog is censored in FB & IG so frustrating. It looks fine for me but many people report in FB it is going to ads I don’t have on my site–ads for Google & Amazon. Hmmmmm


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