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Potential Hurricane-Ernesto

August 28, 2006 by  
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What if our collective thoughts could stall a Hurricane?  Well, they can.  Everything on our planet is the result of our collective thought.  We get what we focus on.  And, when we focus on a hurricane coming, and get stuck in fear about what may happen, we don’t do ourselves any favors.  So, what to do?  Simple…

To stall storm / Hurricane Ernesto, simply change your thoughts!   There are 2 simple steps, and this will take you less than  a minute.  Please focus on this at least once a day, and more if you can. And, tell your friends.  The more people helping to stall the storm, the more  “umph” our “order to the universe” gets.

First, see yourself in a bubble of white  light.  Natural disasters come from dark energy, so deflect it.

Next, please intend: “Storm Ernesto is gone without any lasting or damaging impact anywhere”

Last, imagine a swirl of energy around the storm taking all the destructive energy down a large drain, and transforming it into random blessings back to children & babies on the planet.  See yourself sending love to the storm.  The energy needs to be transformed to make a real impact!!

Warmly, Pam

Pam Ragland –

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