Truth or Lie

How do you know the truth? …

Recently I have gotten all kinds of comments, after writing based on my 10 year's experience in Healthcare, about how the Covid Deaths and hospitalization numbers are being exaggerated. They are. ...
Covid Total Deaths Are a Lie

How Covid Death and Hospitalization Numbers are Grossly Exaggerated… On Purpose

Covid deaths have been widely reported and used to shut down entire states, force people to wear masks, and lose their rights. Yet - this post reveals the death numbers are highly inaccurate and hospitals seem to be intentionally incented to exaggerate them. This post explains how that could happen.

The Conditioning of Racism

Why do we have racism? Racism is an automatic hidden habit which requires an interrupt to really change society once and for all. Here is how.
Dick Pan Stupid Herd Immunity Comment

Natural Autism Solutions? Addictions Issues? How to make Money? All in one spot?

If you’ve followed my work, you know I have several blogs. This one … Erase Addictions… Earth’s Thought Shift (TM) … And now Autism / ADD / ADHD. Since...