Intuition is not All Knowing!! Understanding my Inside Edition segment today…


    Many people today saw my segment on the national TV show Inside Edition, about using my intutive abilities (which we all have–we have just forgotten) to find the missing boy Terry Dewayne Smith. Sadly, Terry Smith was not found alive.

    Since the media first started contacting me, and suddenly the story was everywhere, this fact has led to controversy. After all, in 2 hours I found a boy missing for 4 days with more than a thousand searchers looking in that time–right where hundreds of people had already looked. Not only that — I’ve been FLOODED with requests to find missing people, which I really don’t consider my expertise.

    My expertise IS using my intuitive ability to help people live better lives, by identifying and erasing limitations using a healing gift I have “Quantum Thought Shifting(TM). In short, it’s WHY people do what they do and HOW to help you do it differently… by using my abilities to effortlessly erase your limits.

    People who are writing about me, and who have contacted me, fall into three camps:

    – People who have had similar intuitive experiences, and were afraid to say so due to fear of redicule
    – People who are open to intuition and want my help–either to find missing people, or with Autism or Addictions once they realized I have dramatic solutions for that
    – People who downright refuse to admit intuition exists

    I’ve said before (and it ticks them off I’m not afraid of them, so I’m willing to say this), that “doubters will never be convinced.” And, it’s true. I’ve watched as people have taken things I have said & done out of context for their own purposes, and to staunchly deny intuition exists. Maninly it’s their own way to get attention.

    But, their supposition I should “know it all in every circumstance” is all wet. You see, intuition is NOT omnipotence or being all knowing. It’s simply TRANSLATING ENERGY.

    Follow me here. Einstein already proved we are all ENERGY. E=MC(2) (Go ahead doubters… tear apart Einstein, too. The truth is–I’m sure they DID do that in his day!!)

    When you are accessing your intuition, which we ALL HAVE, you are simply learning to TRANSLATE THAT READILY AVAILABLE ENERGY INTO WORDS. Period. Imagine simply turning the dial on the radio station–each of those stations has energy to be accessed.

    There are different languages or types of ‘energy’ which make up the intuition people tap in to. For example:

    – Mediums — these people translate the energy of those who have passed
    – Channels — these people translate “Divine” types of energy
    – Psychics — these people translate “human” energy from people. (There are many kinds of this energy as well.)

    All I have learned how to do is more consistently FIND the energy to translate, then TRANSLATE IT. Yet, this still doesn’t mean I am all knowing. That is like saying I can speak every single language on the planet. Well, I can’t. Maybe someday I will, but right now, I do not.

    Here is the kind of energy I’ve been consistently and successfully translating for literally decades:

    – WHY people do what they do… what drives behavior
    – WHY things happen… disasters, disease, tragedies
    – WHY issues exist in our society — Addictions (I wrote a book about this), Autism, Depression, money issues, PTSD, Trauma, fears,and nagging negative beliefs…

    In the past, all the information I received largely centered around these areas, and information needed to support people in being free of their limitations.

    Now, this is no small feat…

    – I intuitively received my healing “recipe” called Quantum Thought Shifting(TM) to effortlessly erase your past limitations & their resulting issues
    – I intuitively recieved the reason WHY change is so hard… of all kinds… and created a free video series on that
    – I intuitively received the reason for addictions, worked with people, then wrote “The 7 Why’s of Addiction” based on that.
    – I intuitively received the reasons Autism and ADD/ADHD exists and is on the rise, created a free video series on that, and I’m sure a book will follow.

    Solving these issues our society struggles with requires tapping into things we don’t know. Because, if we knew them, the issues would already be solved. HELPING PEOPLE is where intution is SUPPOSED to be used.

    Intuition is learning a “new language”. I KNOW the language of WHY people do WHAT they do. Do I know the language of missing people? I would say it’s like learning a new language, and I’m still learning it.

    In finding Terry Smith, I used these different kinds of intuition. Sometimes, because this is about learning the language, things only make sense afterwards… like the visions I had.

    1) A couple distinct visions
    2) Combined with my “knowing” (not everyone has this kind… but when I “know” it is 100% — I absolutely KNOW!) In this case, a lot of this was activated by people asking me questions.
    3) What seems to be an internal physical “GPS”, which in the case of Terry Smith proved to be amazingly accurate. (This is a skill I had as a child, but frankly forgot about.)

    So, this was more than a vision. What I’d say is, I’ve been speaking the language of “WHY you do what you do”, “WHY we have the issues we have”, and “HOW to help you be free of challenges” for a very long time. And, like a new language, I just barely started talking the language of “so and so is missing and where are they?”

    How I can help you…

    I’ve hesitated to respond to all these requests for missing people, because the last thing I want to do is not interpret a new language right & lead someone astray. I am NOT all knowing. However, I have been ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS a very long time. So, I’ve concluded to help people more, that’s probably the best way to do it… After all, in Terry Smith’s case I didn’t even realize I knew where he was until someone asked me.

    I offer the chance to ask me questions free (I select real questions randomly), or for a guaranteed answer for a small fee. If that is your interest, I would be honored to support you. If you’re interested in WHY people do what they do and HOW I can help you or a loved one be free of what limits you, I’ve been speaking that language for a long time…

    If you or a loved one can benefit from support, I hope you’ll take me up on that.


    PS — Very soon, my new Autism support for kiddos is rolling out. Contact us here to find out about that.

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